Around the time the troop was first formed, it was fashion to have a troop nickname. The name “Pioneers” was adopted. The covered wagon was used for the troop flag at the National and District Jamborees.It is interesting to speculate that the name, Pioneers, was likely selected because the troop enjoyed and pursued the outdoors and the camping experience. Troop 24 still has the reputation for being an active camping troop with monthly campouts, AT hikes, biking, canoeing, and an annual ski trip. High adventure camping is also part of the Troop 24 experience. In 2017, the troop will take a 12 day backpacking trek to Philmont in the New Mexico Mountains and attend the National Jamboree.

We should take the time to reflect back to the scouts of the 40’s and 50’s and understand that American History and the stories of the Wild West and Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, Lewis and Clark and others were sources of pride and entertainment. The modern day pioneers who inspire our scouts are Eagle Scouts like Neil Armstrong, Nobel Prize winner Frederick Reines and journalist/ TV host Mike Rowe. There are many more examples but it is their involvement in scouting that prepared them to lead the way. To be a pioneer is to be someone who leads the way, forges new trails, and is prepared to tame the wilderness unknown. There is much of the pioneering spirit left in scouting and particularly in scouts of Troop 24, who are prepared to lead the way.